About us

The company TCF AGRO, established in 2022, deals with consulting and distribution in the fields of agriculture, livestock farming, and ecology, with a particular emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development. The idea for its establishment came from years of experience and contacts with innovative companies in which highly specialized and creative people find original solutions for increasing profits while maximizing ecological benefits.


Maximum profit with maximum gain for the environment.


Increase ecological awareness of society, companies, and individuals.


What is good today is even better tomorrow.

How to achieve this

Innovative, non-aggressive technologies applied with the advice of highly specialized individuals lead to increased profits with a positive impact on the environment. All products we work with are certified by the highest accredited institutions in both Serbia and abroad.

Cooperation with the company Ozonway🌱

Since its establishment, our company has been collaborating with OzonWay, whose products we distribute with expert consulting. Ozonway's products are based on algae extracts and are a product of unique innovative domestic technology that emerged from years of development.

A program for livestock is in preparation and brings completely new and revolutionary solutions in this field.