Group of products for ecology, environmental protection, and reducing the carbon footprint

#1 Simbiway

Simbiway is a unique organic product. According to studies supported by the World Bank, Simbiway achieved the following results:

• Methane emission reduction: At least 40% methane emission reduction in dairy cows.

• Increased milk yield: Increases milk yield by over 1L daily.

• Milk health: Reduces the number of somatic cells in milk, contributing to milk quality.

Useful information:

Mitigation of methane production

from dairy cattle farm by nutritive modulation of cow`s metabolism
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The MitiMetCattle Project

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#2 Ferway

An organic product based on seaweed that is extremely effective in the following situations:

1. Treatment of wastewater contaminated with organic materials (wastewater from farms, slaughterhouses, starch factories, etc.)

2. Treatment of unpleasant odors (e.g., Proper use can reduce ammonia-NH4 by more than 90%)

3. Treatment of unpleasant odors in landfills.

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#3 Algaehealing

Extremely effective in treating wastewater contaminated with organic materials. (Perfect combination with Ferway product)

#4 Ekodust

An organic product highly effective in rehabilitating ash dumps and tailings. Prevents the scattering and dispersing of macro, micro, and nano particles.